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Meditating by the Pool

" Touching hearts and changing lives"

Who Makes Up the Sister's self-care  Community?

 Women like YOU! we facilitate the communication between a growing network of members just like you–who are seeking help to enrich their lives through connections with our members and contributors.

Which kind of member do you want to be?


 Members seeking help to find success in resolving an issue; or a member to just support another female in her life business or family?


  Your expertise is welcome as a  member by giving and receiving advice to the other community members.

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Girl I Need You to "THRIVE"

"Self Care is not Selfishness "

We are excited to have you with us in this special "Thriving season" Unleashing your true potential and shining bright as the diamond that you are .

Congratulations to everyone who took initiative and invested in their Self-care and learned so many strategies that they implemented immediately and already seeing results in their life. They came in and left REVIVED ready to become and achieve their true potential!!

So if your SERIOUS and READY to change your life then we strongly recommend that YOU GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

CLICK THE EVENT TAB www.epbreakfastclub.com

Don’t keep waiting. Don’t hesitate. Don’t settle for “just get self-care. 

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