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Who we are

I present to you Girl I need you to thrive. 

A community of like-minded women building their spirit, mind, and body from the inside out. in order to shine brighter.

And in turn shine Brighter for others.

We are sister hood /support group

Sisterhood meetup with different team leaders / Life & health Coaches that will take you through an exclusive mindset shift designed for you.

We go through what we are working on spiritually, financially, and personally.  Each week to achieve the goal and maximize the potential. 

Benefits of Coaching 

#1 prepare for the change in your life 

Learn strategies to tap into the unknown courage , strength passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected changes that life will throw at you .

What we offer  

Workshops that fill up your toolkit. Taught and shared in a manner that allows you to continue working on yourself but not by your self.

Benefits of Coaching 

#2 Create a Purpose in life 

Get a clear focus on your goals .vision, objective, and purpose that will accelerate you in life for the better. 

#3 Create the mindset for success 

Everyone knows 90% of life is perception. We will teach you strategies, daily routines, affirmations, and lifestyle techniques, along with mindset techniques that will take place so you can full fill your life at its best.

Meeting Times 

Monthly/ Bi- weekly  Meetups

Weekly meditations 

Mastery and apprentice

Prayer and fasting 

Say Yes!! I am Ready to Thrive

Repeat this

I will Thrive financially I will Thrive mentally I will Thrive spiritually