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About Us 

This club is for every woman who feels alone, depressed or financially distressed. The truth is so, Many women suffer in silence about their wellbeing which internalizes and it affects their business and family.
Together we will break the chains from your mindset and you will earn more money. Yes, the entrepreneur’s prayer breakfast club is a successful idea and a business ingredient of women at large--we are creating a space to grow in truth.

The  Objective


This organization was created to assist others to find their personal truth and to maximize their God-given potentials, here in the club.  You will develop a network of peers that are committed to the club’s collective success.

Entrepreneurs Hand of Compassion 


Donate to feeding coronavirus response fund 

No one should go without during the COVID 19 pandemic. Millions of people are getting help from food banks and friends, and families food banks cannot do it alone and you can help.

Gives back to our communities with our time, serving the homeless and children with HIV and Aids.  From clothes to essential care products are placed into the hands of those in need.


Income Opportunity System


Let's be honest, it can be hard to make friends as an adult.

Many of us are at a stage in life where we now have a new address, a new job, a new set of responsibilities, a new set of difficulties, and with this new life often comes the need for new Money. The truth is that God designed us to live in a community of wealth and peace, and as we embrace these new seasons we need a wise set of friends to assist us with the day to day battles that accompany our growth. This club is a life enhancement session. These groups are designed for you to build a meaningful relationship with other women worldwide.

3C's to earn money -during the pandemic

Complete  small task 

Commit to 2hrs per day of work

Cash-out weekly 

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Whats inside the program
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Are struggling with PCOS<ENDOMETRIOSIS,FIBROIDS & Mental Health? Join our free womens group online/offline for monthly meetups and empowerment. 

COVID19 is here so is all these issues and we too need answers. 



  • Learn about health factors for each illness 

  • Share your story and feel free to be you in a relationship or marriage 

  • Get Life coaching and sex coaching 

  • Learn how to pull toxins from your body 

  • Help with regulate menses

  • Heavy menstrual 

  • Help with mood stabilization 

  • Detoxify and rejuvenate your womb by removing excess waste which contributes to cyst and fibroids, etc.

ALl events are held online Join us  every other Sunday Night 7-8Pm Email "Online INCOME" for access. Must have zoom app.


Our Members

Our members arefamilies, friends, girlfriends who's primary focus is encourage each other and earning a well comfortable income while doing so. Our members started in moments when life seemed to have given up on them and some have started when life desired more from them, no matter where you are at in life we welcome you're to our club and together we will win. 


Whatever sparks your fire to be here in this moment means that you have something you want to fulfill or to succeed at doing, for this great move we applaud you for stepping up and moving forward to greater days. 

If you are not yet a member please take this moment feel welcomed to our network of leaders of the EPBC. See you soon.

"women empowered to win"

~Camille Oneash Ismail, CEO of EPBClub



The food we eat is what heals our body

Anti-inflammatory diet

That’s why I would have adopted an anti-inflammatory diet before my diagnostic laparoscopy. This diet is recommended for people with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. I would have at least cut-out sugar and caffeine to give me a better quality of life while waiting for surgery – though I saw the most benefits when I eliminated dairy and gluten, too.

I would have also begun taking an omega-3 supplement (I’m vegan, so I wouldn’t have upped my level of oily fish, but you could), along with evening primrose oil and turmeric. Omega-3 has been shown to help alleviate pain, evening primrose blocks inflammatory compounds, and turmeric is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve found all of these, especially the turmeric, incredibly helpful in reducing my endometriosis pain.


"women empowered to win " 

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