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#Girlineedyoutothrive Believes that these boxes will replenish the heart and soul. The program was founded upon women who desire to connect, communicate and culture to try new things ,go new places, and share a sisterhood.  Geared towards inspiring women who struggle with depression   become a healthier them.

  • Affiliate features for each new subscriber

  • 20% Commisssion on each new box sold

  • free and easy appliccation process.

  • Start with $49.99 one time fee 

  • Refer  people

  • Earn cash back instantly 

Get The PP10x Income System 

Pay just $100 GET ACCESS NOW

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What is pardna


Sacrifice – Because you now have to make this payment weekly or monthly, you have to give up some habits or cut out unnecessary spending and put the money towards your draw.

Reward – The greatest feeling is when you get your draw; You feel accomplished/rewarded, having saved the amount of money you now have in hand.

Tolerance and Flexibility – You have to be open to the fact that the savings might not go as smoothly as predicted. People might drop out, causing the draw to be renegotiated or someone new has to be added.



Register & Activate

Create an account using our secure and encrypted registration form. Sign-up information will need to be verified in order to make and receive payments.

Fill Application (click link below) chose a plan that fits your budget and start saving today.

  • Start with $50 weekly 

  • Start with $100 weekly

  • High roller hand $200 weekly


You must be employed 

Must have a working telephone 


When do I receive payment?

Choose your payment date during the application and calender will tell you if date is available.

Do you use the cash app?  Yes 

Do you use Zelle ? Yes 

Are there late fees? Yes $20

Can I pay bi-weekly? Yes 


Confident Woman

Thanks for doing this partner plan, it has helped me to save more money and I was able to achieve a short term goal  Thanks for the great customer serice and honesty.



I want to say thank you for doing the partner program it has helped me to save money for my new home.I appreciate your business and honesty. Thank you 


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