Manifesting Money

Did you know that money responds to your very call and command? A great philosopher once said, “Money can’t talk, but it can hear.” Call wealth into your life on a daily basis using positive affirmations. Your bank account will begin to be full when you start speaking to your money. Command money to come to you. Declare that you are a money magnet and you are receiving all the wealth that is meant for you now.

Positive affirmations are a great way to shift from negative thoughts about money to reconditioning your mind with positive thoughts and emotions about money. I have a daily money mantra that I started speaking over my life years ago:

“I am a money magnet…”

“Money loves me…”

“My money makes money for me…”

“Money always finds me…” 

“Money chases me down…”

“Money comes to me now and always…” 

“Money comes to me in avalanches…” 

“My clients love paying me…”

“All of my storehouses are filled with money…” 

“As soon as I spend money, more money comes right back to me…There’s always more where this came from…” 

Just saying these simple affirmations has helped me to gain a better money mindset.

Affirmations work best when you start to believe what you are saying. It gets into your subconscious and informs your brain that what you are saying is your new reality. Once you can accept a new positive money consciousness your ability to attract wealth is unlocked and money starts to flow into your life.

Before we leave this point I want to warn you…Never ever say things like, “money isn’t important” or “it’s not about the money.” This kind of negative talk will only push money away from you and contradict all of your efforts to attract it. Pay attention to your casual conversations, thoughts and even your subtle complaints that you say only to yourself. Intentionally speak only good things about money and your money situation so that good things can flow to you.

3. See yourself having more money.

Visualization is an amazing strategy and it can be used to attract more wealth. I often tell my clients to put a picture of money where they can see it often. Meditate on it daily and allow your subconscious to accept that this money is for you. Many clients have reported that they were carrying around in their wallet a thousand-dollar bill that I had given them at a seminar. Every time they opened their wallet, they did an exercise by saying aloud, ‘where is my thousand dollars?’ 

You have to see more money coming into your life. The longer you can hold this image in your mind, the more real it becomes, the more money will flow to you.

Camille Oneash Ismail

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