NO MORE EXCUSES Why do we make excuses ?

Is it possible that we are just out right lazy or we are comfortable about our present situation? Or is it excuses?

What is it?

Here are a few that I've experienced in my life time so far that I am working on destroying.

  1. Working always with how I feel when I wake up.

  2. Being complacent about things

  3. Not being consistent with my workout..(Laziness)

These elements have continuously tormented my life a mean for a long period of time, and oneday in 2016 after my healing started. I started engaging into personal development and continue to do so. The more you decide and take action to change gradually you will see the necessary changes in your life. We make excuses for every thing "of why we cannot do what's best for us, then when we see our sistas doing it we wonder how she does it, " it is called GETTING UP , GETTING GOING, AND GETTING you in order. Being, Intentional is the prescription here, when we go visit our dr he or she diagnoses the problem, gives us a prescription an hour responsibility is to follow the drs orders and when not followed correctly we are back to square one. (Sickness)

The key here is to continuously self develop, on a daily basis and you will eradicate all the negative ions that tends to disrupt your life, money and mindset. Focus on getting up, which tends to be the most difficult at times, but if you pit your body in a routine you can achieve the goal. Maybe, try setting your alarm , or pinning the goal or task close by where you can see it..then start manifesting it .

Visit and join the sisters, supporting , selfcare Group...

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