Why retreat

1.You Need rest

Everyone works overtime, between family, friends children, marriage etc we are always busy..when you stop to take a break you end up falling asleep in less than 5mins... this is one reason you need a retreat.

2. You need DESTRESS

Stress kills us quietly and we daily to recognize that we are just not caring for our minds, bodies and spirit the way we out to. Sometimes you need a warm bath, a slow breather, listen some soothing music without interruption, yea you can do it all at home with the kids and everything else. But nothing beats that me time alone.

The retreats are designed to bring solitude foe you. A retreat basically takes your mind into a place of serenity, to put that zen into your mind etc. Daily we lose out on out and taking a short or long retreat replenishes you. Vacations are workouts.. retreats are relaxation. This is your time to bond with you, contemplate, your purpose, to motivate and work on a specific goal.

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